UKFlying was set up in 2015 to assist military pilots with their transition into the civilian aviation industry. At that time it was difficult to establish which courses were necessary for military pilots, not to mention that courses were overpriced, it was time for something to change. By working with various flying schools UKFlying negotiated shortened courses at the most cost effective prices for military pilot conversions.

Having built a following of military pilots, UKFlying began to receive requests from aspiring pilots wanting to join the airlines and so the civilian side of UKFlying was born.

UKFlying are now able to assist aspiring pilots with all of their training needs. Our free service looks at your previous experience and qualifications, future employment aims and requirements and recommends the most appropriate and cost effective route. We collate feedback from all of our students to ensure that the schools we recommend are the best available. We appreciate the huge financial commitment when embarking upon airline pilot training and understand the life changing decision that you are making. Our customer services team work alongside qualified instructors and examiners to ensure the best training route for you.

Please do get in touch to chat through any queries you may have with regards to your airline pilot training. We can give you up to date course prices and availability for both the modular and integrated routes of training.


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