Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of some of the most common frequently asked questions

Q: Do you have any customer feedback?
A: Yes. Click here to read testimonials.

Q: Can I practice V1 cuts and engine out ILS approaches?
A: Yes. The 737 simulator and Airbus simulator have an extremely accurate flight model, this is a typical flight detail

Q: Can I set variable visibility and weather?
A: Yes. Both the A320 simulator and 737 flight simulator have full environment control.

Q: How many people are allowed per booking?
A: Normally two but more by prior arrangement (if required). The 737 simulator capacity is, two pilots, one observer seat and one operator/instructor seat. The airbus simulator is two pilots, one instructor/operator.

Q: Does the simulator have a visual / outside view?
A: Yes. All our simulators have visuals. The 737 flight simulator has a collimated display, the Airbus simulator has a projected 150 degree visual display. Both types offer exceptional realism.

Q: Can I operate the simulator on my own?
A: Not really! The 737 and Airbus are multi-crew aircraft, normally two pilots are required and an instructor/operator. If you are an existing customer having flown the simulator a few times it may be possible to operate it alone by prior agreement. Visiting instructors can be trained to operate the simulator.

Q: Do you give a pre-flight briefing?
A: Yes. We consider the briefing requirements prior to any simulator flight detail and discuss this with you prior to booking re the time requirements. Briefing can be a few minutes to more in-depth briefings/ground school of 1hr+.

Q: How much time should I book?
A: Nothing can be achieved in less than one hour. Which is why this is the min booking period. We would discuss what you are trying to achieve from the session prior to booking and can advise. If it is an introductory flight, then a 1hr session would be enough. If it is a training flight anything from 1hr to several. It is possible with longer booking to build in breaks without penalty of losing time in the devices.

Q: Do you supply charts or should we bring our own?
A: Either. But you can also bring your own. Charting requirements should be established ahead of the simulator session (i.e. a day or two ahead if not bringing your own charts).

Q: Are the flight instruments like the real aircraft displays?
A: Yes. The 737 flight simulator can have the 737-800 / NG full glass cockpit displays or it can be switched into the EFIS (six pack mode [if required]). The A320 simulator has the standard Glass Cockpit, with most recent A320 simulator upper/lower ecam displays (newer version from Airbus).

Q: Are any of the simulators certified?
A: Our software that is powering the simulators has reached both FNTP Generic Twin Jet and Type 737 JAR STD II 2a // FAA Level 6. But you can not log time against your license using these simulators, they are hired out as pure freeplay trainers. To log time the simulators would have to be part of a full flight training course.

Q: What if I have no flying experience?
A: We offer some introductory flights for customers with an interest in aviation.

Q: Can I fly circuit patterns?
A: Yes. The simulator has chronometers and it is possible to make visual circuits with the aid of the flight instruments and visual references.

Q: Can I fly from one airport to another?
A:Yes, certainly. The 737 simulator and Airbus simulator have a worldwide nav data base. Some more commonly used airports are more detailed than others. We have a selected number of high detail airports. The rest are generic but runways and taxiways are in the correct locations.

Q: What would a typical flight consist of?
A: It depends on the experience level or if you have specific requirements, we can discuss this with you prior to booking and we generally advise this especially for first time customers.

Q: Can you list typical types of flights conducted in the simulators?
A: Circuit training, touch and go. Bad weather circuits, instrument flight automatic and manual with FD and raw data, bad weather approaches, flying a typical route from the departure gate to the arrival gate, engine out / v1 cuts. Engine out cruise, engine out ILS approach, in flight emergency, air work general, holding / busy arrival, go-arounds.

Q: How do I make a booking?
A: Please go to the ‘Bookings’ page and fill in the form with your details. We’ll get back to you to arrange the booking.

Q: How do I cancel a booking?
A: It depends on the type of booking. Normally if it is a full airline simulator preparation session whereby slot and training Captain have been booked for you it is not possible to cancel once that slot and deposit payment has been made. For other types of booking it may be possible to cancel 48hrs in advance. Any questions regarding this please ask prior to booking. We’ve laid out our terms and conditions on the price list page so please read these before making a booking. In certain simulator training sessions (especially dual training sessions) once deposit is paid you are committed to that session.

Q: Where are you located?
A: pmFlight is located at Redhill Airport. 15 minutes drive from Gatwick Airport. Please see the ‘About Us / Location’. Our specific address will be given to you via email.

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