Briefing Room 737 Simulator & Airbus Simulator

briefing room airbus pilots
Airbus briefing room

Be prepared for your Boeing 737 simulator or Airbus simulator check ride

The Briefing Room section is to provide you with the key information required prior to your airline simulator preparation sessions.

What you need to know

Before your airline simulator check ride, or coming to prepare for one with us,  it is useful to know some basic background  information about the aircraft you will be doing the check ride on.


For each simulator prep we give detailed (Airline check ride specific) briefings at pmFlight on the day of your simulator preparation session. We also for certain check rides provide full brief packs. Depsite this, we provide these pages of useful overview information. We have deliberately kept this concise and most things will be expanded upon in the official simulator briefings.

Airbus Simulator References – A320

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