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The training facility at Redhill Aerodrome offers our in-house Fixed Based Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320 Flight Simulators. With briefing / classrooms, refreshments and restrooms. Our mechanical and IT engineers are on-site for all simulator flight training operations.

Our Flight simulators are an essential tool in honing your skills as a pilot. You can practise realistic situations under expert instruction.

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At pmFlight, we have two high fidelity flight simulators based in the UK and we invite you to come and experience expert flight training at superb facilities, located conveniently near to Gatwick Airport and only 45 minutes from Heathrow Airport. Free parking is available for all our customers.


Briefing Rooms

For each simulator training session we offer free briefing facilities. Our briefing rooms are equipped with white boards, projectors, PC, and CBT options. Refreshments are available. For those needing lunch the on-site Airport Cafe (The Pilots Hub) is just a five minute walk from pmFlight.

airline simulator assessment preparation

briefing for airline simulator assessment


In today’s training environments where time is money and airline budgets are tight, every time you are in the simulator you are typically under test/evaluation. At pmFlight our focus is purely on training, meeting your needs and using the sim as an essential tool in honing your skills. We pride ourselves as a professional facility aimed at professionals. The simulators are backed up by generator power supply and in a fully air-conditioned environment.

A320 SFI Instructor A320 Simulator Instructor

A320 flight simulator

Airbus 320 flight simulator

The A320 simulator is used regularly by type rated A320 line pilots. It has failures with ECAM actions. It has become an essential device to practise beyond CBT trainers as it puts you in the full training scenarios in real time, like the FFS simply but without motion. Practising profiles, procedures, upper air exercises or simply handling and raw data scan work can all be done. A few airlines do check rides on the Airbus and here, if you have never experienced a flight with FBW or need to understand the airbus thrust management, or perhaps about to start a A320 type rating – then the fixed based A320 can give you that essential foundation and head start.

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B737 flight simulator

flight simulator training UK

Our Boeing 737 simulator is a 737-800 CFM56-7BE Engine Type with full Glass Cockpit and Flight Management Systems. It has been in operation at pmFlight for the past 11 years. Many pilots have started their initial jet training on the 737. Although the simulator is fixed based (reducing operating and customer direct costs), it compares to a Level B simulator (Full Flight without motion). It employs many of the Full Flight Simulator (FFS) / (Level D) advanced aircraft systems, including typical failures. It also employs dynamic control loading (essential for aircraft condition feel) and motion-cue systems. As endorsement to the device capability, we have regular visits from current 737 line pilots practising for LPC/OPC. Ryan Air pilots are one of the biggest operators of the 737, it is no surprise that many visit us to brush up on their handling skills.

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Full Flight Simulator

737-800 FFS

A320 FFS

Generic Fixed Based Sim Options

747-400 Flight simulator

757 Flight simulator

767 Flight simulator

777 Flight simulator

A380 Flight Simulator

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