Airbus pilots briefing roomSome sample feedback from customers. 

This is a small selection of e-mails from customers, many of which we have helped to enhance their skills and prepare. Whether that is specifically for simulator preps in general or specific airline selections. Fom pilots with a few hundred hours to several thousand / a wide range of experience.

Simulator Preparation Full Course – British Airways

Just an email to let you know we were both successful with BA and should be starting this summer on the A320. We both found that the time we spent with you gave us the confidence in being able to manage a totally unfamiliar cockpit (to an acceptable level!) and have recommended you to several colleagues.

Simulator Preparation Full Course – BA

Just a quick email to say that I got the call yesterday from BA so I’ll be starting on the airbus in May. Thanks very much for all the info and the excellent course, it definitely gave me a really good heads up as to what to expect.

Simulator Preparation – BA Cityflyer

I have no doubt that the practice I did with you helped immensely as I felt quite comfortable in the sim from the moment I got in. So thank you for introducing me and thank you for your guidance, and taking the time to fit me in!

Simulator Preparation Airbus Simulator – Wizzair

I just thought I’d let you know that I passed the Wizzair assessment and sim check. They’ve offered me a position starting TR early march. I’d like to thank you very much for your services and detailed pre/post flight briefs, I’m sure I wouldn’t have passed without visiting you first.

Simulator Preparation 737 – Ryan Air

just wanted to let you know that I passed the Ryanair assessment and will start the type rating in May. Thanks again for all your help with this.

Sim Preparation Airbus Simulator – A320 Air Macau

Good news, I passed the personal interview and the sim ride. I couldn’t have done it without the prep we did together, it was pretty tough already. The sim was really sensitive and with the motions I found it harder. Thank you so much for the great instruction!

Some 2014 feedback

LOE preparation. A320

My LOE went very well the other week, got the ticks in the boxes and positive feedback too. Thanks for the session at PMFlight, it helped tremendously and set a few things straight in my head about the ‘bus’, ECAM, etc, as well as the other little hints/tips.

Sim Prep Airbus Simulator – Wizz Air

Just a quick email to let you know that we both passed our Wizz air assessment… thanks for all your help, It really paid off for us.

Sim Prep. 737 Simulator – Ryan Air

Hi Jonathan, Interview went very well and I’ve just had the good news that I was successful!.The preparation with yourself was fundamental to my success and I just wanted to say a very big thank you once again for the quality instruction I received whilst in the sim and the excellent briefing before hand.

Sim Prep Airbus Simulator Session – Qatar

I have around 5 colleagues that have used your sim and have passed selection with Qatar and said the training was truly excellent. Line Capt. A320

Sim Prep 737 Simulator Session

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we enjoyed the session we had today. WE were thankful for your patience and in particular you generosity with timing. Literally the time flew by! We will definitely be recommending your services to others that we know.

Sim Prep Airbus Simulator Session – Wizz Air

Thank you for your time last week. I very much enjoyed your A320 sim. The Wizz interviews went well over the weekend and they have made me a conditional offer subject to completing the type rating. One step closer!

Sim Prep Airbus Simulator Session – Aer Lingus

Hi Jonathan,  I did a simulator session on the A320 prior for an Aer Lingus sim assessment a couple of weeks ago…Sorry for the delay on informing you how it went, I only found out the result myself friday. Thankfully I passed the sim assessment and Aer Lingus have offered me a job on the A320… I am absolutely delighted…

Sim Prep A320 Simulator Session

I just wanted to thank you for my recent visit to PmFlight, I found your facilities very professional from the minute I walked through the door. Your professional approach and calm manor made my experience with PmFlight a very enjoyable experience and excellent value. I would certainly recommend you to my colleagues looking for this type of instruction.

Sim Prep 737 Simulator Session – Ryan Air

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know I think my assessment went well yesterday. What we did on Monday couldn’t have been any more appropriate! I did a Wallesy 2T sid out of Liverpool RW27, did some upper air work, turns, turns in a climb/descent, steep turns, accelerating and decelerating in straight & level flight and then returned to LPL to join the hold and do a procedural NDB approach to RW27 at Liverpool. So anyway, I just want to really thank you for your help on Monday, it was absolutely invaluable –

Airbus Simulator Session – Wizz Air

Thankfully I passed the sim assessment and have been offered a job on the A320… I am absolutely delighted…Thank you for the massive effort you put into my simulator session… it was absolutely invaluable.

Line Pilot 737 Simulator Session

just a quick note to say thank you again for your time yesterday, I will certainly be back in the new year.

Line Pilot 737 Simulator Session

Just a quick email to say many thanks for yesterday. I enjoyed it more than any other sim and I have been on quite a few!  You have a great set-up there and your coaching skills are really first class.  I wish you continued success and hope to see you again because I would not go anywhere else.

Airbus Simulator Session – Qatar

Hi Jonathan, thought I’d let you know I passed the Qatar selection so in a hold pool waiting now. Thanks for all your help. Will recommend you to many others.

Sim Prep 737 Simulator – Ryan Air

I got it!!! Thanks for all your help really appreciate it.

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