COVID-19 Pilot Training Rates / Low cost LPC


pmFlight is DWP APPROVED for pilots unemployed. Please enquire for details. 

For the many pilots that have contacted us since COVID and have been adversely affected by furloughs or redundancies,  pmFlight has put together the following packages that reflect reduced rates from our normal simulator and training charges.

  • New heavily discounted Refresher Rates
  • Pre-Employment Assessment Training
  • Renewal Refresher and check / LPC
  • LPC Only (no refresher Practice)

Our new Covid-19 737 Simulator and A320 back to work packages

1 – Practice Only “Rusty Refresher” (FBS)

2 – Practice + LPC (FBS + FFS)

3 – LPC only (no Practice) (FFS)

737 license renewal

PRACTICE ONLY “Rusty Refresher” 2hrs FBS

If you are furloughed and going to join another company this is an ideal low cost training option for either 737 or A320 fixed based practice. Focus on building confidence, scan, and memory items refresh. In most instances your new employer will conduct an LPC for you. This is an ideal low cost option to do a “rusty refresher” with an instructor. Brief/debrief included,  each session tailored to your needs.


£220 (2hrs)

(Personal/trainer Fee included)

Code: LPC001

Code: LPC001B

License Renewal

PRACTICE x2hrs FBS + LPC x2hrs FFS

If you require an LPC outside of employment. The practice and refresh are offered on either 737 or A320 (other types can be covered/ please ask). This is a combined package utilising FBS and then subsequent LPC being done on the FFS. Please note that the LPC can be done Dual / Single (as can the FBS practice). FBS Practice is 2hrs. LPC FFS is 3hrs single applicant or 4hrs dual (costs can be split).



Includes all paper work / TRI (FBS) & TRE (FFS) Fees

Code: LPC002

Code: LPC002B

LPC only

If you want to go directly to the FFS with no practice and perform the LPC / depending on your currency, then we can offer this FFS LPC and no refresher training. Minimum requirements for the LPC is 3hrs FFS single pilot or 4hrs FFS dual. Please note that these sessions also include full briefing and debriefing. Paperwork / sign off by TRE.



£1200 2HR LPC | £1800 3HR LPC | £2400 4HR LPC (two applicants)

Includes all paper work / TRE (FFS) Fees

Code: LPC003

Code: LPC004

FFS operated through our partner Aviation Insider

Licence Requirements – Further information

To maintain a valid Type Rating, a Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) must be conducted prior to the expiry of the current Type Rating. If the Type Rating has expired then we will design a course of refresher training to satisfy Part-FCL requirements before the LPC. Please email to discuss this further.

Guidance only notes – for up-to-date information please see CAA Guidance for pilots

COVID-19 revalidation of a rating

There is an exemption for commercial pilots who are unable to revalidate a rating, complete required training and other checking or renew their medical due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent prevention policies.


Renewals are beyond the scope of this exemption, which only applies to current rating/certificates. Any rating/certificate which expires at the end of March is covered by the exemption. Any rating or medical certificate that has already expired is not covered. Normal procedures apply when a rating has already expired.

Initial Issues

The current exemption does not cover initial issues. However, the CAA have issued a new temporary certificate that allows pilots who have passed their skills test for a new rating, CPL, MPL or ATPL, an additional six months to get their license issued.

If you need any refresher training we can help you and we offer combined training and check detail either using the FFS or combination of the FFS and FBS for refresher training. 

Simulator Checks available on the Boeing 737 300-900 and Airbus A320

  • LPC – Licence Proficiency Check – Revalidation and Renewal
  • LST – Licence Skills Test – For Issue of a Type Rating
  • ATPL Skills Test – For Issue of an EASA license
  • Refresher Training.

The FFS Senior Examiner can conduct TRE Examiner Revalidation’s/Renewals on both the Boeing 737 300-900 and Airbus A320.

Simulator & Training Social Distancing information

To mitigate against Covid-19. In the general office and admin areas we employ a six foot / two meter rule amongst staff and customers. Washrooms and kitchen/facilities should be a one person use at a time. Hand sanitiser is available in briefing rooms and reception area. We would request all pilots to first wash their hands prior to training. Between each simulator detail there is a strict wipe down and clean policy of surfaces within the simulator and we have temporarily stopped the use of headsets. In sim breaks (if required or seat changes) we also allow extra time for wipe down of respective areas.

Airflow inside the simulators has been adjusted from 20% recirc to full change which *may* help to reduce transmission (the air is filtered / conditioned and pulled out of the simulator away from instructors and pilots at a negative pressure) as apposed to partly being recirculated. The side effect of this is slightly dryer air in the simulator cabins. Anyone in the training facility is free to wear face masks but we do not provide these. If you have concerns or questions about this please ask prior to training.

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