Hands On Stick Time with A320 or Airbus type

If you have an airline assessment on A320 (or Airbus type aircraft) then utilising the A320 Fixed Based Simulator is an effective training tool. Or if you would like to refresh or perhaps practice complex approaches then the simulator offers an ideal environment to do this in a cost effective fashion.

The A320 simulator is fully flyable giving you that vital hands-on stick time and also offering the ability to practice and fly the profiles in real time. The pmFlight A320 Simulator is a fly-by-wire system, full dynamic control loading (on the rudder channel), thus making it also possible to fly single engine profiles. Common ECAM procedures can be practiced with appropriate ECAM driven actions.

It is the ideal platform to practice raw data work. Most of the airline check profiles demand flying raw data which on the A320 can be challenging until you know how to approach the a/c and the flying technique specific to the A320 fly-by-wire system. Our A320 training captains will guide you through the Airbus philosophies with extensive and detailed briefings prior and after the actual simulator session. Once you get the hang of the sidestick – it is a truly lovely aircraft to fly.

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In airbus simulator

Flying to south along ridge airport to the right

airbus simulator

Established 08 LOWI

airbus flight simulator Innsbruck

LOC established RWY 26 for visual 08 approach