Be prepared for your BA SIM – A380 & A320 (B747 / B777) FBS options available

We specialise in British Airways simulator assessment check ride preparation. If you have a check ride with British Airways we can help you. NEW: Airbus A320 and A380 simulator preparation options.

British Airways A380

BA A380


Instruction is key to your success

Our training captains for the BA simulator sessions have been running these sessions for the past 15 years. In this particular check ride the key to a successful outcome is that high quality training aligned to what BA are specifically looking for.

Success rates

Success rates are extremely high and we have detailed feedback of what to expect. We also provide pre course and post course material.

Before your British Airways simulator assessment contact us for more details about the British Airways simulator assessment course. We are happy to guide you through the steps and what is required so you are fully prepared prior to arriving at pmFlight for the British Airways simulator assessment courses.


British Airways has been on a high recruitment drive for the past three years. In 2018 the previous successful applicants are moving from the hold pool and we are prepping new entry now. Capt. Chris Humphrey TRI/TRE was on the original selection team. The all important details that lead to effective preparation for BA are fully covered. The check ride simulator preparation is tailored to the Airbus A320 & A380 (747-400 / 777) profiles that you will be expected to fly on the day. Whilst the sim is generic, it is configured to have same speed and flap schedule / control loading for either type.

We cover in-depth raw data handling, back to basics IR work, check lists, autopilot modes and the heavily weighted BA CRM element. This preparation is done in both roles PF / PNF. You can come as a pair and split training costs or we will team you up if possible as this is the most effective training for this simulator assessment practice.

Word of mouth

pmFlight business model is “word of mouth” recommendations from previous pilots / customers. Our remit is to offer you the high quality training by instructors with years of airline and heavy jet experience and more importantly specialists in Airline Selection and Preparation Training. Do not hesitate to esquire further and we will be happy to answer all your questions. Getting to the simulator check ride part of the BA selection process is the final hurdle! Contact:

Included in the British Airways simulator assessment preparation

You will get as part of our preparation package

  • Detailed pre-briefing pack, inc Airbus A320 & A380  (747-400 / 777 profiles) to be flown / speed and flap schedule
  • BA specific CRM study material
  • Airline check ride briefing pack
    • On the simulator day:
    • Full BA airline check ride briefing
    • 3hrs simulator or x4hrs simulator if in a PNF/PF team / paired up session
    • Full and extremely detailed debrief (this is the core of the training after the main session)
    • Access to instructors before and after your training
    • Total assessment training usually takes 5 to 6hrs depending on format
  • x2hrs single applicant training £525 + Training Capt. Fees (please note for this check ride it is recommended min x3hrs single applicant)
  • x3hrs single applicant training £785 + Training Capt. Fees
  • x4hrs dual applicant training £525 + Training Capt. Fees (2hrs in each role PF/PNF)

For current recruiting information you can also check out BA’s own website: British Airways Pilots