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Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation

At pmFlight, we are at the forefront of airline simulator assessment training. Our advanced 737 Flight Simulator and Airbus Flight simulator, strategically situated near Gatwick, London, provide an immersive and robust training experience. Additionally, we offer specialised training with our A380 Flight Simulator (BA) 747-400 Flight Simulator (BA) and 767 757 777 Flight Simulator (DHL) simulators. For pilots seeking unparalleled excellence in preparation for their airline assessment, pmFlight is the preferred choice.

If you want the highest quality training prior to your airline assessment…


A380 BA simulator


At pmFlight, our experienced instructors bring decades of aviation expertise, ensuring a meticulous and focused preparation process. Recognised for consistently high success rates in specialised training domains, our team leverages state-of-the-art equipment to hone your skills. Nestled in an accessible location and offering competitive pricing, pmFlight remains the premier choice for professionals seeking assessment preparation.

What we can offer you

We take pride in our comprehensive assessment practices. Every session begins with thorough pre-sim in-depth briefing before the simulator detail. And concludes with a detailed debrief. Tailoring our training to match specific airline check profiles, we cover nearly every airline check ride—with impressive results. For instance, our pass rate with BA applicants soars above 90%. Our commitment to high-quality training consistently boosts pilots’ confidence, a reason why many come to us through word-of-mouth recommendations.


Why prep with us?

Our proficiency in simulator assessment extends beyond a mere offering—it represents our core expertise. With over a decade of specialised experience in the UK, complemented by our legacy prior to that, our authority in this field remains unparalleled. Each instructor on our roster embodies deep-seated knowledge tailored for this sector. From Ryanair to FlyDubai, Cathay to BA, and beyond—including Jet2, Easy Jet, and DHL—our capabilities cater to the exacting standards of numerous airlines.


Our simulators offer highly accurate flight models, with control loading, this is an important factor for correct aircraft feel for the general handling and performance of the aircraft. The 737 simulator is in regular use by Ryan Air 737-800 line pilots, and in contrast the A320 by Easy Jet Pilots. Using Fixed Based Simulators keeps costs down. We also have FFS options should you required that. FBS sim options cover 737, A320, 757/767, 777, 747.

Our team is here to help

Boasting a cumulative experience of over 40 years in aviation, our dedicated team stands ready to provide expert guidance. Should you have inquiries or require consultation prior to booking, we are here to assist. Though you can reach us via phone at 01737 822160, we recommend contacting us through email at for a more immediate response. 


Customer feedback

We have plenty of happy customers who have gone on to pass their assessments with flying colours! “I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we enjoyed the session we had today. We were thankful for your patience and in particular your generosity with timing. Literally the time flew by! We will definitely be recommending your services to others that we know.” Customer Feedback Pages


For full simulator preparation please contact us as various pricing options available. Also for companies or those with a VAT registration please contact us for non-VAT prices.


We are able to now expand services with our partners at AviationInsider, offering a fleet of Full Flight Simulators. We can offer combined packages of FBS and FFS and also direct FFS / FBS training.

With our combined expertise in training and the utilisation of different types of simulators we can bring you the widest range of aircraft types for your given simulator training requirements.

Please contact us for pricing on FFS the price range is typically between £340 to £750ph depending on simulator type and instructor type required. We can also offer combined packages of FBS simulator and FFS training if required.

Extensive Fleet & Locations

Boeing 737 CL+NG – Quadrant Systems & CAE Gatwick

Boeing 747-400 – CAE Gatwick

Boeing 757/767 – CAE Gatwick

A320 – Quadrant Burges Hill / CAE Gatwick, Woodford

A330 – CAE Gatwick

DHC8-Q400 – Flight Safety Farnborough

Embraer 170/190 CAE Gatwick

Avro RJ/BAE146 CAE Woodford

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    British Airways

    We are specialists in BA simulator preparation. Applicants for BA have been coming to pmFlight many years and currently we have seen in 2022 / 23 successful applicants gaining positions on the A320, 777, 787 and 747-400. Please find full details our of British Airways simulator preparation here. We are now preparing for BA on the A380 flight simulator. 


    The Titan simulator assessment for type rated pilots is conducted on the A320 flight simulator or 737 simulator. The assessment usually consists of a normal take-off with flight directors A to B routing with diversion. Then radar vectored ILS to land (raw data). You will get a notech to deal with between yourselves as a crew. The check is normally applicant / applicant. Session lead by current A320 Capt / instructor. The Titan simulator assessment for type rated pilots is conducted on the A320 flight simulator or 737 simulator. The assessment usually consists of a normal take-off with flight directors A to B routing with diversion. Then radar vectored ILS to land (raw data). Upper air notech will likely crop up.


    The FlyDubai simulator assessment for experienced pilots. This simulator preparation is in general a raw data handling exercise. With some single engine work. We prepare for this following the exact simulator check profile which you will have to undertake normally at CTC. This is completed on our 737 simulator (737-800). All sessions include full brief and debrief depending on pilot experience level and customer requirement.


    If you have passed the interviews, with the remaining sim to complete, please contact us to enhance and prepare your skills before your actual sim check. Check ride preparation is conducted on either the 767 or 777 simulator (FFS or FBS options). We have done well over 150 DHL entries since 2022 and have a great deal of experience with this particular check. 

    Easy Jet

    Selection for Easy Jet is usually run on the A320 simulator. All entry types Cadet, NTR, TR and DEC. We also run extensive courses for pre-type training on the A320 lead by A320 captains. This involves ground school, introduction in the airbus simulator to cockpit flows, pre-flight / power up / programming the MCDU (FMC) and introduction to philosophy on the airbus type. Then a normal A to B route (starting from Gate as an option), usually with a minor technical issue to introduce ECAM followed by a normal take-off, flying the flight plan and finally a normal landing at destination. Having an initial training detail like this prior to the type rating really helps to put the main elements of the type rating course into context. A good example and overview is shown here in this video. A typical training session for the above is 3 to 5hrs in duration (depending what is to be covered), so the video simply shows a snap shot of the style and type of instruction.

    Ryan Air

    pmFlight having made hundreds of successful Ryanair simulator assessment preparation sessions can guide you through and prepare you fully for this check ride. Our training captains will give you the best chance of success. Typical preparation sessions are done in a applicant / applicant environment. Full briefings and debrief are an important aspect to cover the many gotchas of this particular check ride. Instrumentation layout will match that of the sim check day. Please contact us to enhance and prepare your skills before your actual sim check.


    A new influx of direct entry FO scheme has been opened up at Cathay. We of preparing applicants for this check ride on both the 777 and 747. And also for the Cathay Pacific second officer entry.


    Need to prep for Vista Jet on a CRJ? We actually have a solution for this preparation that avoids the cost (and almost impossible problem of booking the CRJ FFS) and have prepped several applicants recently in 2023 for Vista Jet. Please contact us for further details. 


    This check ride is split into several categories and we have prepared many successful pilots who now fly for Jet2 over the years. If you have a Jet2 simulator assessment coming up, please contact us to discuss the details. Our training on the 737 and the typical elements of the check profile are fully covered by experienced 737 instructors. We also cover 757 preparation for Jet2.

    Wizz Air

    The Wizzair simulator assessment for non type rated pilots is conducted in the A320 flight simulator. The assessment usually consists of a normal take-off with flight directors and then upper air without out FD / raw data. Navigational exercise and be prepared and you should expect a manual hold. Then radar vectored ILS to land. They are looking at CRM as well in this check.The check is normally applicant / applicant. We conduct the preparation as per the Wizz Air sim check profile, so you can practice the exact procedures.


    You may be offered Airbus or Boeing simulator when you go for Emirates depending where the assessment takes place. We have extensive experience for this check ride in both aircraft type scenarios, with many recent applicants gaining positions and a lot of recent feedback of what to expect.

    When we practice the Emirates simulator assessment at pmFlight, we use the A320 for the A330 practice and we discuss the minor differences with you if coming off A320. For Boeing we also do the same re differences between 737 and 777. Practice sessions are conducted on our A320 airbus simulator or the 737-800 in the 737 simulator.

    BA City Flyer

    We are still running simulator check ride preparation courses. If you have passed the interviews, with the remaining sim to complete, please contact us to enhance and prepare your skills before your actual sim check. Check ride preparation is conducted on the 737 simulator as per the BA CityFlyer check ride profile and lead by Capt. Chris Humphrey / xBA Base Training Capt.

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