A320 Flight Simulator

Train in a fully emersive Airbus enviroment at a fraction of the cost of the FFS

The only fixed based A320 flight simulator in UK with advanced ECAM actions, located near Gatwick airport.

About simulator

150 degree projected parabolic visual display. Fully flyable with fly-by-wire system. The Airbus simulator has full glass cockpit, dual MCDU and FCU / EFIS. Systems implementation with most used ECAM malfunctions available . Audio and crew intercom system.

The instructor console provides control for rapid repositions, enviroment and typical failures. This provides a good platform to practice ECAM actions in a real time eniroment at a fraction of the cost of the Full Flight Simulator.

The A320 Flight Simulator can be used for the following:

  • Airline Simulator Assessment practice HERE
  • Command preparation
  • LPC/OPC/LOE Preparation / Recurrent Training / inc. LOFT
  • General glass cockpit familiarisation
  • General handling of heavy transport jet Orientation JOC (see our JOC Training section)
  • General handling automatic flight & raw data
  • Introduction to Airbus philosophy and systems
  • £215ph or block rate £194ph (2hrs or more booked inc. VAT) instructor fees extra

If you have questions or general enquiries please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Airbus simulator

Make a booking

“I just thought I’d let you know that I passed the Wizzair assessment and sim check. They’ve offered me a position starting TR early march. I’d like to thank you very much for your services and detailed pre/post flight briefs, I’m sure I wouldn’t have passed without visiting you first.” Read More Here

Preparing for your airline simulator check ride

The FBS A320 will help you practice and prepare for your check ride conducted on the Airbus A320 Flight Simulator. It can also be used for A330 check ride preparation.

The airbus is not like a conventional aircraft. It is FBW and there are considerations for general handling if you have never flown this type of aircraft before. The FBS A320 simulator can provide an excellent training tool in this regard, familirise yourself with the side-stick, FBW characteristics and general airbus style of flying. Work on your check ride profiles to bring up your capacity. Even type-rated pilots benefit from this, especially as a lot of check rides include a raw data element. So no matter your expereince the FBS provides an ideal training platform.

A320 gallery

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