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777 Flight Simulator

For your DHL (or Emirates / other airlines) simulator preparation we now have capacity to run prep in the 777 (generic) fixed based simulator option as well as the 777 FFS  option.

Our approach

Our approach begins with comprehensive briefings tailored to the nuanced CRM skills DHL anticipates from its candidates. Our primary goal is to ensure you are adept with the Boeing 777’s handling, flight profiles, and crucial memory items. This mastery creates the bandwidth necessary to excel in the CRM components of the check ride.

About the DHL check

The DHL check ride focuses on raw data, manual navigation, and manual thrust operations.

For the simulator segment of the check, we utilize a generic 777 flight simulator (FBS). This simulator ensures accurate control loading, correct eye height, and a flap and speed schedule that mirrors the 777. Additionally, its autopilot modes are indistinguishable from the actual aircraft. Opting for our simulator not only offers a precise training environment but also presents a cost-effective alternative to hiring a 777 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) – though we do offer the FFS option as well.

Guiding you through the preparation is a training captain with extensive heavy jet experience. More crucially, they bring over 15 years of expertise in airline assessment preparation. This combination guarantees you’re equipped with the fundamental skills needed to excel in the DHL check ride on our 777 simulator.

Success rate / Your future

Our very high success rate comes from expert instruction, professionally maintained simulators, and to back this up – word of mouth amongst pilots..

Our preparation package

  • Detailed pre-briefing pack, inc 777 flight simulator profiles to be flown / speed and flap schedule
  • Specific CRM study material
  • Airline check ride briefing pack
    • On the simulator day:
    • Full airline check ride briefing
    • 3hr simulator or x4hr simulator if in a PNF/PF team / paired up session
    • Full and extremely detailed debrief (this is the core of the training after the main session)
    • Access to instructors before and after your training
Boeing 777

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