A320 Primary Flight Display

A320 expanded Primary Flight Display (PFD)

For non-type rated pilots this provides a detailed view of the A320 PFD.

Expanded PFD

Clockwise from bottom left:

A320 PFD

A320 PFD

  • ILS course (093) magenta
  • ILS IDENT & DME magenta
  • Speed tape
  • Green F speed
  • Yellow line (current speed)
  • Amber = next flap limiting
  • FMA
  • MDA (DA) or DH (760 blue)
  • Current FD on (1 & 2)
  • Auto Thrust
    •  white = active
    • cyan => armed
  • Altitude tape
  • VS indicator
  • Selected altitude
    • 4000 blue
    • 4000 magenta (constraint)
  • Altimeter / QNH
  • LOC & GS scales
  • Compass
  • Current HDG Yellow line
  • Green diamond track

Expanded A320 Speed

A320 Speed Tape

A320 Speed Tape

Additional Note: Selected speeds and altitudes on Airbus Type aircraft are shown in Magenta and Cyan. For selected, it will be shown in Cyan, for managed shown in magenta. The speed trend line on the A320 is a yellow colour.

A320 Alpha floor / expanded detail


A320 Alpha Floor

Alpha Floor

Side by side look at Airbus v Boeing PFD

Other considerations: On Boeing the selected altitude is always set at the top of the altitude tape in magenta. One Airbus it is shown top of altitude tape for a climb to a higher altitude or at the bottom of the tape for a descent to a lower altitude (in either magenta or cyan). On the picture reference it is shown in Cyan 4000 for the descent. The Boeing VS indicator is shown in digital format at the top or bottom of the tape in 50’s on the Airbus it is shown in 100’s and is written on the actual VS scale next to the green needle. QNH indication is in same location cross type. These are basic things that can cause initial confusion and are useful to know prior to your 737 simulator or airbus simulator sessions.

A320 PFD B737 PFD

B737NG – A320 PFD side by side


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