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Airbus Simulator check ride

Airbus check ride coming up?

Specific for the Airbus series of aircraft. In combination with our airbus simulator and instructors (current A320) you will get the highest level of input to get through your check-ride. 

Sessions in general

The structure of any session is based around your experience and is geared to help you prepare for your simulator check ride whether that be on a A320 type or A330 type.

Airbus Instructors

Our instructors are highly experience on type, and will help you become fully familiar with the Airbus type philosophy and general operating procedures. A lot of check rides will fall into different categories, some pilots, if already type rated on another a/c will often be asked to fly by your current SOPS. However most check rides will require you to learn and fly a new set of SOPS. 

All our simulator preparation sessions for Airbus include the following:-

  • Airbus simulator profiles as per the actual check ride
    • Briefings / CRM refreshers (if required)
    • Normal Take-off
    • Raw Data manual flight / man thrust
    • Visual Circuits (if required)
    • EFATO (if required)
    • Approach Profiles (inc NPA)
    • Go-Around
    • Typical calls, check list & flows

In your airbus simulator session we ensure to give you key handling tips associated to the airbus series of FBW aircraft. Our aim is to get you comfortable in this particular aircraft type and to develop a good working knowledge of typical pitch and power settings along with the flap and speed schedule. This foundation work and general familiarisation will help free up your capacity. Depending on which specific check ride, we may also use the time to refresh management skills with typical notechs and for type rated pilots techs that may crop up in the check ride. The airbus simulator can generate many of the most typical malfunctions with subsequent ECAM actions. 

In summary for pmFlight airbus simulator airline preparation we provide:

  • The necessary pre simulator study material prior to your simulator session
  • Full simulator briefing
  • The simulator session following the specific airline check ride profile
  • Briefing. Full debrief  – learning points to take away with you.

Session formats can be as follows:-

  • Direct simulator (no briefs)
  • Full airline preparation (with handling brief etc)
  • x2hrs sim, x3hrs or 4hrs sim sessions

Please see the Briefing Room for detailed profiles and further technical information.

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