Command Training Preparation

If you’re moving from right to left in an Airbus 320 or a B737, we can deliver bespoke training that’s in line with your airline’s SOPs.

Our command courses are lead by experienced training captains in this specialised area to ease that transition.

Courses are conducted with detailed breifings and debriefs. Each course have consistently obtained a near 100% success rate with pilots having completed the training. Feedback is always positive.

pmFlight offers exceptionally high standards of training, adaptable to your airlines SOPS. Our remit is to work with you giving each applicant a valuable heads up in that step towards commander.

We will provide numerous training scenarios including:

  • Operational and failure management
  • Technical and non-technical skill development
  • CRM Crew management skill development
  • Problem solving
  • Threat and error management
  • Left hand seat familiarisation
  • The captain’s role
  • LOE (Line Orientated Exercises)
  • Ground handling / pre-flight procedures and paperwork in the Captain’s role

The aim of the course is to complement and enhance your skills perfectly. Generally we conduct the course with two applicants and run each session in for 2hrs in each role. Ideally if you can come as crew from your airline or we will provide sandbag PNF.

If you are interested in command training with pmFlight, please get in touch.

NEW: Flight Deck Management Skills Course

pmFlight have teamed up with AirlinePrep to offer a Flight Deck Management Skills Course prior to your Command Preparation Training.  AirlinePrep (link), a high quality training provider located near London Gatwick, specialising in Pilot Competencies and Human Factors training, have developed a two day training course that will develop your aircraft management skills.  The course will enhance your performance in the simulator and on the line by focussing on practical skills rather than theory by exposing you to a diverse set of line orientated scenarios where you will have to utilise process and thought in order to resolve them with a successful and safe outcome.

The Flight Deck Management Skills Course covers all of the ICAO core pilot competencies: 

  • An introduction to Commercial Aviation (for new pilots to industry and to reaffirm airline structure and policy)
  • Professionalism
  • Your role
  • Team Building
  • Leadership, Management & Communication
  • Knowledge & Standards
  • Situational Awareness
  • Diagnosis & Decision Making
  • Workload Management
  • Customer Service
  • Non Normal Event Handling

Further information can be found by visiting http://www.airlineprep.co.uk/services/flightdeck-management-skills-course/ with course bookings via info@airlineprep.co.uk or calling 0044 (0) 1293 804767.

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